Green Circle Salon program

Q1. So who is this company, Green Circle Salons?

A1. GCS is a company with a mission to provide green solutions to the salon and spa industry. We do this in a way that is affordable and achievable, and most importantly, with impact. We believe that by taking small steps to transform each salon or spa, we will make your green conversion verifiable and sustainable. We recognize that the beauty industry can play a crucial role in helping to erase the footprints of our past, while enabling the growth of healthier communities and contributing to all of our futures. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive pathway that will help your salon or spa reduce its footprint, AND create business value at the same time. We take an ecosystem approach. We consider recycling, energy, lighting, water, cleaning products, and innovative hair re-purposing solutions.
To achieve this, we have our own branded services, and also work with best-of-class service partners across many industries. A green relationship between beauty and the environment.

We believe that by taking these important and incremental steps now, we can pre-empt future fees that may come as a result of an emerging green economy and the ever-increasing cost of energy and environmental regulation. We are excited about being leaders in our community and the industry, and we are delighted that you care for our world as much as we do. Green Circle Salons is 100% traceable and fully accountable for how they handle the materials we give them.


Q2. Why do I have to pay $1.50 on my final bill to an “Environmental Contribution Initiative” (ECI)?

A2. GCS developed this as a tool to financially enable salons and spas to finance their pathway to becoming greener. Their services make it achievable, the ECI will help make it affordable and possible. They, and we, feel that a small contribution from you, our customers, can help salons reduce our environmental impact, smoothly and affordably. The money goes to our salon/spa, in what we call the “Green Change Purse”. But, with your contribution, we expect you to play a role by asking what we are doing with these funds. Our vision is to ensure that everyone has a role in change. To us, that means asking for change and contributing towards it. This helps us complete the circle!


Q3. So, where does my small contribution go? What is it spent on?

A3. Lets break it down. Here is how it works. The first $1.00 pays for the GCS recycling and collection program. Right now, hair, foils, and colour tubes go to landfill. GCS and our salon/spa community would like to prevent this from happening immediately. Also, many companies send plastics and paper to landfill. GCS with their collection trucks and working with a number of BC recycling companies, will collect this waste, separated by the salon/spa, and ensure that it is bound for recycling, and ultimately, repurposing. GCS pays a carbon-­‐offset fee for the trucks to make sure that they are not producing additional carbon emissions in the process. Now, what do we do with all of the hair? GCS is working with Matter of Trust from California, the University of Guelph ON, and local businesses to find solutions to re-­‐purpose hair. Those new purposes may include hair and recycled nylons for the creation of oil booms, used in oil and chemical spills. Hair also has potential to be a good compost material so they are researching innovative, biologically friendly farming practices. This is exciting when you realize all the potential uses that can involve hair.
Hair clearly has numerous cradle-­‐to-­‐cradle applications worth exploring. We will keep you posted!
Next, any amount after the first $1.00 will stay with our salon/spa to enable us to afford many other green changes. We call this the “Green Change Purse”. We hope that you, our customers will support this change, and also ask what changes are being done with that support. GCS offers us a menu of products and services that include carbon-­‐offsets with Planetair, green electricity with Bullfrog Power, environmentally-­‐friendly dry-cleaning and laundry, energy efficient salon specific lighting with Minardi Colour Perfect Lighting, eco-friendly printing, and they are sourcing the right companies that will look at various other ways to reduce our salon or spa’s environmental footprint.